The Patmos Media Line can authoritatively inform you that a viral audio circulating since about 1400 hours of Thursday claiming that President Muhammadu Buhari and his Chief of Staff, Mallam Abba Kyari on Wednesday night left the shores of Nigeria by night to seek medical attention in London is fake news.

Patmos Media spent hours tracing the authenticity of the claim and found out that President

Buhari is actually there at the Presidential Villa. He posted his photograph working on his desk this evening on his Tweeter handle.

President Buhari at his desk at Aso Villa on Thursday night.

We discovered that Mallam Aba Kyari was not in Lagos as published by the Nigerian media but moved to a security facility around the ECOWAS Secretariat in Asokoro highbrow place of the federal capital territory. The COS is there live as at Thursday evening receiving treatment in the specially prepared place for him.

Our first check brought ridicule from the diplomatic circle which claim Britain would not engage in that secret act as the thing will diplomatically backfire because it is a diplomatic miscalculation.

A check at the Abuja airport said usually when Government is to do such things they will come like 9 or 10 pm switch off the light and quickly transfer the personality like it was done in the Yar Adua case but nothing like that happened at the Abuja airport.

Also in the course of investigation, some Nigerians in London claim there was no particular increase of security attention at the Nigerian House in London as it is the practice when the President is around.

Most of our respondents even said Baba Buhari has a case to answer in allowing the Nigeria Ambassador to Britain, Justice Oguntade (JSC rtd) to hold his 80th birthday in London when Britain was facing Coronavirus pandemic. Over three Nigerians have been confirmed dead among the attendees who traveled from Nigeria.

Patmos Media Line stumbled on the reaction of the Personal Assistant to president Buhari on New Media, Bashir Ahmed to the former Director of Strategy/Communication, to President Goodluck Jonathan, one Jackson Ude who is the author of the viral audio.

Ahmed denied that President Buhari and his Chief of Staff, Mallam Kyari sneaked out of Nigeria on Wednesday night to receive medical treatment abroad.

He reminded the former Presidential assistant of the implication of his publication.

A check on the Tweeter section of the social media saw an explosion of users demanding to know where Buhari is.

Patmos Media line, a professional media outfit conscious of the ethical standards of journalism can answer you that President Buhari is there at the Presidential Villa and Abba Kyari is in a security facility opposite ECOWAS secretariat where he is receiving treatment in a special arrangement.

- Eniola Olatunji.

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