Federal ministers, other political appointees go spiritual over pending cabinet reshuffle.

The Street Journal has learned that some federal ministers and other political appointees of President Muhammadu Buhari have resorted to spiritual help in a bid to escape the imminent cabinet reshuffle that will happen sometime this year.

Recall that late last year, The Street Journal had broken the news of the definite removal of the service chiefs as well as at least six federal ministers, in the New Year.

The Street Journal in that report had said that imminent removal of the service chiefs may not be unconnected to the clamour from several quarters for the president to remove them and appoint new service chiefs who will bring in fresh ideas and tactics on ways to tackle the growing insecurity in the country.

Besides, the service chiefs are all over due for retirement having spent more than 35 years in military service, which is contrary to the rules of public service which stipulates that the compulsory retirement age for all grades in the service shall be 60 years or 35 years of pensionable service, whichever is earlier.

The ministers are also not left out of the removal plans as the president will drop at least six ministers who may have underperformed in the discharge of their duties which will ultimately result in a cabinet reshuffle.

For this reason, the ministers are all jittery with fear, each one dreading their possible removal from their juicy positions. To escape the imminent hammer, most of them have taken the battle to the spiritual realm.

One of the ministers who will stop at nothing to retain his position or at least remain a minister has sent 18 Imams on an all-expenses paid trip to Saudi Arabia for spiritual fortification and protection over the impending cabinet reshuffle.

Some ministers have secured the services of marabouts and ‘wisemen’ for spiritual purification. With this comes the procurement of cows, rams, to be offered for the appeasement their gods, all in a bid to escape the hammer.

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