Governor Emmanuel cries foul over police releasing arrested Fulani militias on 'orders from above'.

Akwa Ibom Governor, Udom Emmanuel on Friday shocked Nigerians with what many others say it is now a common practice among the Nigerian police force.

Governor Emmanuel as the Executive Governor expressed displeasure with the Akwa Ibom State Police Command for releasing some armed Fulani militias who were arrested with AK-47 rifles from its custody.

In a now viral video, the armed militias were said to have been arrested while fully dressed in fake military apparel, with 18 AK-47 rifles.

According to Emmanuel, instead of the police to thoroughly investigate them, they followed ‘orders from above’ directing them to release the armed men.

Gov. Emmanuel said: “However, the police hierarchy gave express order that those persons should be released and their guns handed back to them.

“We want to let the world know that if there is a breakdown of law and order tomorrow, the police should be held responsible.”

The governor, however, said he was happy that some people captured the arrest of the armed Fulani men on video.

Meanwhile, neither the Akwa Ibom State Police Command nor the Force Headquarters in Abuja have responded to the governor’s allegations.

In Oyo State, the police command twisted a case of the Amotekun Corps arresting some Fulani criminals but instead locked up the Amotekun operatives on charges that they Amotekun guys intimidated the Fulanis and other allegations. That raised dust which nobody cared about at the Oyo Command and Force Headquarters.

There is the case of Seriki Fulani who the police kept telling the world is innocent but who the Fulanis in Oyo State have now placed demands on Oyo State Governor and the Alaafin to be dethroned because evidences before them on the crimes of Seriki Kadiri is more than embarrassing.

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