Shot from the Governor's office on Tuesday with Sanusi.

The Executive Governor of Nasarawa state has promised to do everything possible to ensure the deposed Emir of Kano, Sanusi Lamido Sanusi is made comfortable while in exile in his state.

This was the happenings Tuesday in Lafia exclusive to Patmos Media Laine,

Alhaji Sanusi Patmos Medial Line gathered suddenly appeared at the Conference Hall of the Governor’s Office while the Governor was in an important meeting with the Estu Karu, Dr. Luka Ponyan Baba and local Government officials of Karu Local Government on dwindling revenue of the local council.

The Governor who was with his deputy Dr. Emmanuel Akabe who was in suit unlike almost everybody in the hall were shocked when the police helicopter that was to take the Emir Sanusi to Awe dropped him at the Governor’s office instead forcing the meeting with the Karu people to come to an end.

On alighting from the helicopter, the aides of Sanusi covered him with big garments as they guided him into the hall with heavy security on tail.

Several phones of those present trying to take photographs were seized by stern looking security operatives but Patmos Media Line has some exclusive photographs which a few are posted here. Woe to the man caught trying to record or snap photographs.

Immediately Emir Sanusi came in looking good, everybody stood up and remained so till the drama ensued, he spoke to Governor Sule in Hausa saying, “Your excellency, can you see how they are treating me, a whole Emir Sanusi? Walahi bah kior. (Some sayings here are personally removed by the writer for they are not good for publication).

Governor Sule pleaded, “Your Royal Highness, Ya kuri (meaning take things gently). I promise as the Governor of this state to ensure you are well taken care off”.

Instead of the security taking him away to Awe in their helicopter, he was dropped at the Governor’s office with Engr. Sule as the twosome went into the inner office for private discussion while the aircraft left empty.

Exclusive photo of Sanusi on arrival at the Governor's office on Tuesday. This was where he complained to the Governor.

One of the security operatives had whispered into the ear of the Governor. Who pleaded with the Emir to remove his turban as he was not to wear it again since he has been removed as Emir. Sanusi complied before they went into the inner office.

The security operatives that did not go with the helicopter told all in the hall to leave but no phones were returned. There was palpable tension at the Governor’s office because of the intimidating security presence.

Patmos Media Line gathered that the Governor insisted that he would not release Emir Sanusi to go anywhere else but stay in Lafia. That means there is no moving the former Emir around again like goods. Sanusi however slept Tuesday night in a two bedroom apartment at Awe where one of his wives was allowed to visit him on Wednesday.

On Thursday, Governor Sule and his entourage visited Sanusi at his Awe bunk. Patmos Media learnt that no one was allowed to make any video recording of any manner or take photographs. No vehicle was allowed to park within the precinct of the Awe Bunk.

Although citizens gathered to take a view of their Governor, they were pursued by stern looking security operatives who were armed to the teeth. The Governor and Mr. Sanusi were said to have held bi-lateral talks without security men breathing down their necks but Emir Sanusi was not allowed to come and take salutation from the uncontrollable mammoth crowd that gathered around the Awe Bunk.

Sanusi's convoy into Awe.

It was gathered that Awe citizens rushed to close down their markets and took ‘okada’ hoping to catch a glimpse of the deposed Emir.

One of the citizens lamented that Government was ignorantly giving the deposed Emir great publicity. He said he is a graduate selling grains at the Awe market and he holds Sanusi in very high esteem praying in Hausa for a longer life for him.

We also gathered that many who are Muslims are looking forward with a fellowship with the former Emir at the Jumat service on Friday but a security supervisor whispered that they have instructions not to allow that.

Patmos Media Line gathered that Africa’s richest man was collaborating with the Nasarawa State Government to give him a very befitting abode in Lafia.

A top security officer who want anonymity told Patmos Media Line that their fear is that the deposed Emir will escape but Sanusi said before everybody that he has no intention to elope. Unconfirmed sources said the Government of Saudi Arabia was planning to come take him away in a Hollywood manner.

One of the luxury cars on Muhammed Sanusi's fleet while on the throne.

Earlier, the Emir of Loko, Alhaji Abubakar Sabo told the Hausa service of the Voice of America (VOA) that his town was too small for the caliber of Sanusi, a well-travelled former Central Bank Governor to dwell in.

Alhaji Sabo said, “Loko is a very remote area in the state and very inferior for a globally exposed elite like Emir Sanusi to stay”.

It was not clear whether both the Nasarawa an Kano state governments consulted with him before his Loko town was chosen where Emir Sanusi was kept overnight without adequate facilities.

Patmos Media Line learnt that Loko town which was where Mongo Park used to meet with Northern Emirs in ancient times has grossly depreciated in value due to neglect from various governments.

Meanwhile the daughter of the Emir, Khadijat Sanusi has pleaded on her social media lines that people stop sending condolence messages to them.

She said her father was only deposed and not dead and the condolence messages were becoming cumbersome for them to bear hence her constantly deleting such messages as they come.

- By Eniola Olatunji.

Sanusi and Presdent Buhari.

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