Twenty five Resident Doctors of the Jos Teaching Hospital (JUTH) has been fired in what has triggered a cold war between the medical Doctors and the Hospital Administrators.

Patmos Media Line learnt that the hospital terminated the residency training programme of 25 resident doctors without recourse to the 'Medical Residency Training Act' 2017 signed by President Muhammadu Buhari.

According to our investigation, President Buhari signed the Medical Residency Training Act to allow all resident doctors to train and pass all examinations generally over a period of eight-and-a-half-year.

The 25 affected resident doctors were said to have been admitted between October and December 2012 and their letters stated that their program would be for a period of six years, which should have ended between October and December 2018.

The grouse of the medical Doctors sympathetic to the plight of their junior colleagues is that the President Buhari letter should have covered them since they were already on the scheme while the letter was released but the Administrators claim it will be an administrative error if allowed because the letter should apply to the Doctors who will be coming in for their Residency training after the presidential order.

A Medical Doctor was emphatic that due to the Act signed into law by President Buhari and gazette on July 16, 2018, it became imperative for resident doctors with running training to benefit from the new enactment that regulated the residency programme.

Patmos Media Line learnt that every effort to let the 25 Doctors who had challenges concluding their training on schedule proved abortive.

The fear of the Doctors is that the usual “cold war” between Administrators and Medical Doctors may be replicated in all teaching hospitals throughout the Federation.

However some of the Chief Medical Consultants who spoke to Patmos Media Line said the affected Resident Doctors still have the chance to sit for their qualifying exams as a private candidate as the national medical Association examination regulations allows for that but they will have to personally pay their way through.

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