Insecurity: Buhari worried silly about negative reports from the media, begs them to ‘mellow.’

President, Muhammadu Buhari is worried silly over Nigerian Media stubbornness at repeated reports of rising insecurity and on Monday made a Presidential begging to the media that they should report that insecurity is dwindling in Nigeria

In a statement titled ‘President Buhari Felicitates With Muslims On Eid-el-Maulud, and signed by the Senior Special Adviser to the President on Media and Publicity, Garba Shehu, on Monday, October 18, Buhari said the term ‘rising insecurity’ should be replaced with the reality of ‘declining insecurity.’

The Presidency had failed to tackle the Media in a desperate attempt to make the media guys mellow down on reportage of terrorist bandits who have held Nigeria captive and the Nigerian government have like a football referee who saw obvious foul in a match waved the game on.

First, the Presidency came up with the approach that the Killer Fulani men who violently abduct, rape, land grab and kill many should not be called terrorists but bandits.

Secondly, the presidency in other to water down incessant encroachment on farms that resulted in killing of many farmers across the nation preferred to call it mere Fulani-Farmers clash which will soon be resolved.

Thirdly, FG through the Minister of Information and Culture, Mr. Lai Muhammed and the National Broadcasting Corporation told Broadcast stations not to take PRESS REPORTS, a daily newspaper review popular with listeners who desire to know what is going on in their nation.

When the fourth attempt at ‘foul play’ on the media was made that Licenses will be seized and media houses shut down for any unpalatable comments of their interview guests, the Nigerian media shouted NO TO DECREE 4 which was a strategy that Buhari used to attempt to gag the Press while he was military Head of State.

And now an order to the Press on what to write.

An Activist Lawyer told Patmos Media Line that “Editor, I am laughing in Swahili, which means you media guys are putting the real heat on the Buhari regime. Let me assure you that next time, Lai Muhammed and Garba Shehu will help you draft your intro and headlines. Congratulations Nigerian Media, You are doing well.”

In the same breathe; Buhari urged the Islamic faithful to embrace “forgiveness and closeness to the noble life and teachings of the Prophet (SAW), whose birthday is being marked on this blessed day.”

The statement reads: “on the occasion of the Maulud-Un-Nabiyy, the birthday of the Holy Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him.”

“The President uses the occasion to give a snapshot of the increased activities the Armed Forces, Police Force, and intelligence agencies have embarked upon to effectively respond to the security challenges in the nation.”

“He says the government fully expects and intends for these trends to continue, and calls on the media to address the tone, content, and standards of reporting into security and safety measures. Time has come to revise the prefixes ‘rising insecurity’ with ‘declining insecurity’.

“The President adds that increased cooperation and collaboration from the citizenry, coupled with reinvigorated, dynamic, and energized police, security, and military leadership is helping the administration score more victories against terror, criminality, and economic sabotage. The reality of declining insecurity should replace the inaccurate narrative of rising insecurity in the country.”

The president also called on citizens to commend and encourage security agencies in order to ensure lasting peace in the country.

By our Reporter.

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