Jangebe girl’s captors are of Hausa and Fulani ethnicity – Gov. Bello Matawalle.

The Governor of Zamfara State, Bello Matawalle, says that those who abducted the schoolgirls from Government Secondary School, Jangebe are of Hausa and Fulani ethnicity.

He said this during an interview on Channels Television’s Politics Today programme on Wednesday.

The Governor said, “They say most of them are Hausa and some of them are Fulani. In fact, they even asked the school children to pray for them. So, they say they are of different entities contrary to the thought that they are all Fulani.

“Some of the girls can identify some of these guys (kidnappers). In fact, one of the girls told us that she knows one of them who is Hausa and used to come to Jangebe market. She promised that any time he comes to Jangebe market she will be able to identify him and point him out to the security.”

The governor also said that he is ready to resign if that will end insecurity in the state.

“I am ready to accept any solution that will bring security to my state,” he said. I am not intimidated. If I know that my resigning as a governor will make the people sleep with their two eyes closed, I can resign. I am ready to do what will bring security. I am not power-hungry. I have been having a sleepless night to protect the people of Zamfara State.”

Responding to the no fly zone order by the Federal Government, Matawalle said he had no issue with the no-fly-zone declared by the Federal Government, advised that the Security Council should have invited him before making some decisions. He also clarified that the flight ban by the FG is not the same as declaring a state of emergency.

“Zamfara does not have an airport. Many people do not even know. How many times did you hear that an aircraft came to Zamfara? For the past eight years, we have not had anything like aircraft dropping weapons. It is just misinformation. Anybody with information should provide it.

“I support any move to promote safety. Ban on illegal mining is not my problem. I expect that the Security Council will invite me to give them information that can help before they took the decision.”

Matawalle explained that since insecurity is affecting many states in the northern part of the country, the ban should not have been declared in Zamfara only.

The Patmos Media Line however reports that Matawalle had been under intense pressure by the Northern Elders to name the captors of the Jengebe girls or be named himself as an accomplice.

It is not known whether the Elders will be satisfied with a blanket pointer like this or want individuals named in the matter.

One of the girls however shocked Nigerians when she said she was stunned to find her father in the camp when they got there. These are leads expected to be used by security operatives to trace the personality of the bandits

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