The Kano State Government used political thugs to try and evict the deposed Emir of Kano, Sanusi Lamido Sanusi from his palace when he was adamant to leave the palace as directed by the government.

It was traditional in Kano that a successor must not be named when there is still a living Emir in the palace.

Patmos Media Line learnt the thugs faced stiff opposition in palace hands and neighbors to the Emir who swiftly locked the second gate leading to where the Emir really was. Stones were flying from both sides until the Commissioner of Police and other heads of security outfits rose from the Security Council meeting to talk to the Emir to avoid unnecessary trouble.

It was then that the Chief Imam of Alfurquan Mosque, Dr. Bashir Aliyu who was praying with him persuaded the Emir to be kind to leave.

The deposed Emir then summed up courage and waved to a mammoth crowd that gathered at the fore court of the palace.

After the salutations, deposed Emir Sanusi was led in a long convoy to the Mallam Aminu Kano Airport was he was lifted in a chattered aircraft, N888E hired by the Kano State Government at 1840 hours to the Abuja airport. Another aircraft took his entire household – wives and children. They were accompanied by eight armed police officers who will stay with him in exile for a while.

The Emir said on his Facebook page that he was not shocked of his removal, thanked all who have supported him while in office and called on Kano citizens to support whoever is coming after him.

“Somebody was there before me and somebody before that one too. If you do not leave there with your two legs, they will carry you”, Said he.

Patmos Media Line gathered that security rigmarole was done for all those following the Emir as some people including this media heard he was to be taken to Doma. They instead took him to a place called Loko where he will stay in a bungalow with extra security.

(The bungalow in Loko where deposed Emir of Kano will be staying until further notice. Picture taken Monday night.)

According to the law of exile, he will not be allowed to receive any visitor nor travel to any place for a long period as he is under strict house arrest.

A quick check on Loko shows it is a town in Nasarawa local government that is a mini-port along the river Benue for the conveyance of export materials. The place once served as the headquarters of the North where Mongo Park held meetings with the Emirs from the North.

Loko town has a first class Emir, Abubakar Sabo Umar who heads the agrarian community where farming and fishing is their occupation.

Patmos Media Line learnt the deposed Emir will have only Tuesday to be free to interact hence his meeting with the Nasarawa State Traditional Council led by the 17th Emir of Lafia, Honorable Justice Sidi Bage Mohammed (JSC rtd). A check on the Estu Karu, Dr. Luka Panyan Baba who is Secretary of the State Traditional Council, Tuesday morning shows that his team was at Loko in the early hours of the morning.

- By Eniola Olatunji.

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