Kuwaiti female Lawmaker fight in parliament with catapult.

The Kuwaiti National Assembly like many parliaments in the world has viral photographs of funny ways of settling issues.

There is a hilarious photo of a female lawmaker who was trying to use a catapult on another lawmaker, causing many to wonder if she goes about with catapult in her bag.

It is well known that disagreements during parliamentary proceedings are common in almost all houses of assembly since debate is a central feature of the parliament.

Sometimes, however, disagreements in the parliament do degenerate into a full blown fight, one that can cause members to use their fists on one another or throw chairs. It has happened in Nigeria as well as in many other countries.

Recently fight also broke in the National Assembly in Kuwait. A lawmaker was seen trying to use his shoe on another.

As photos from the incident went viral on Twitter, other Twitter users from different countries began to upload videos of the fights that broke out in their own countries.

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