Meet Dogo Gide, the notorious bandit who masterminded several mass abduction of students.

Dogo Gide is the factional leader of a bandit group terrorizing the northwestern region of Nigeria. He has carved a successful niche for himself as an infamous leader of bandits groups known for its notoriety, ruthless killings, mass abduction and incessant attacks on security settings or formations in the northwestern region of the country. Dogo Gide hails from Zamfara state and started from a humble beginning as a farmer.

Dogo Gide first ventured into cattle rustling in Zamfara, Niger and some communities of Katsina state. He formed a small group of outlaws who constantly attack remote villages to loot and rustle cows. Apparently, he used the proceeds to buy weapons and ammunition in order to expand his nefarious operations.

The ex-Inspector General of Police, Mr. Idris was the first senior officer to form a special tactical unit for the sole aim of arresting kidnappers and cattle rustlers in the country. The officer in charge of the tactical unit is deputy superintendent of police Mr. Abba Kyari, who is a specialist and trained officer with vast experience. The tactical unit was able to make several arrests of kidnappers who are members of Dogo Gide group.

Video clips of some members of the bandits group arrested by the police revealed their heinous crimes against humanity. The arrested bandits confessed how they get weapons into the country and how they evade security agents during their operations. Most of them spoke in Hausa language. (Some of these videos are available on YouTube)

Attempt By Sheikh Gumi To Have Dialogue With Dogo Gide

The prominent Islamic scholar and highly respected member of an Islamic organization Sheikh Dr. Ahmad Gumi, offered to meet with Dogo Gide inside the dreaded Tagine forest. The religious cleric personally led a delegation to meet with the bandits in order to convince them to lay down their weapons and embrace peace. He donated some Islamic books and listened to their grievances and reported back to state government.

Through mediation by Sheikh Dr Ahmad, the abducted students of Government Boys Secondary School, Kankara were released by the bandits. The scholar pleaded with the kidnappers to accept dialogue and urged the government to listen to their grievances.

It seems like the peace effort made by the Islamic cleric was unsuccessful. Months after, Dogo Gide abducted another set of students of Federal Government College, Kebbi state. He released video of the students sitting on bare forest and demanded the government to initiate negotiation for ransom.

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