Middle Belt Youths want UN to probe Buhari’s government over herdsmen genocide.

The Middle belt Youths Forum (MYF) has urged the United Nations (UN) General Assembly to interrogate General Muhammadu Buhari of Nigeria over the genocide going in the Middle belt; South-South; South-East and South-West .

Group’s spokesman, Barr. Justine Daji while addressing journalists on Thursday in Jos, Plateau state capital called on UN interrogate the president on why he is reluctant to declare Fulani herdsmen as a terrorist group, but rush to declare freedom agitators Independent People of Biafra (IPOB) as terrorist group.

“Our only serving grace in the Middle belt is the Benue state Governor Dr. Samuel Ortom, he risk his life to fight for us, if not Benue state governor, the proponents of Fulani terrorists would have captured the Middle belt region now.”

“We must commend the efforts of the governor for standing tall and vocal to defend his region. When some of our governors in the Middle belt are busy bootlicking President Buhari for personal favors, Ortom is fighting for the lives the citizens of our region, preventing Fulani terrorists from invading our region,” he stated.

He told the UN that before Buhari is allowed to present his paper during the UN General Assembly, he should give detail explanation, why Miyeti Allah leadership the organization spearheading the ongoing genocide in Nigeria is not arrested and persecuted.

“Why is federal government prosecuting Namdi Kanu, harassing Sunday Igboho, Obadiah Mailafia and others that are not Muslims Fulani? Buhari’s government is operating on religious and ethnic lines. If you are not Mohammed, Sulaiman, or Abubakar no juicy position for you. All security chiefs under Buhari are northern Muslims. Head of National Assembly, judiciary are all northern Muslims,” he said.

He further urged the UN to recognize governor Ortom with a special Award as the best freedom fighter in Nigeria under the oppressive administration of Buhari.

President Buhari will deliver paper on the second day of the UN General Assembly holding this month in New York.

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