Nigerian Medical Doctors criticize their Health Minister.

Can their five thousand Naira Hazard allowance by a suit or feed one Doctor for a week?

There is an uneasy calm among the principal officers to manage the health of Nigerians in this terrible time of the Coronavirus Pandemic.

The Minister of Health, Dr. Osagie Ehanire, Thursday told Nigerian doctors planning to migrate to the United Kingdom to take note of the fact that they will not be paid hazard allowance if they do so.

Ehanire was responding to a question regarding the failed attempt of 58 doctors to travel to the UK last week during the briefing of the Presidential Task Force on Covid-19 on Thursday.

As at June 2020, Medical Doctors in Nigeria earned N5,000 or $12.95 as monthly hazard allowances.

Some 15 Medical Doctors talked to on phone across the nation by Patmos Media Line all Specialists Doctors said the Minister was talking rubbish and alleged that he has been a terrible misrepresentation of the medical profession since the pandemic started.

The Doctors mocked the Minister asking whether the hazard allowance could buy them a suit or feed one Doctor for a week.

They unanimous confronted the Minister that over 250 Doctors across the nation contacted the Covid-19 disease because they were not properly equipped especially with the PPE and facemask gadgets which were instead distributed to government officials and their relatives.

The Doctors said Doctors were harassed and abused during the lockdown and the Minister was silent until “we threatened to boycott rendering services especially I Lagos and Abuja .Many of our colleagues have not been paid for months and the facilities are not there”

Some very senior Doctors in management positions said the Chief of Staff admitted before NASS that health facilities were poor even in Aso Villa and what has been done about it?

They said the Ministers’ word will not hold water because some of the Doctors they trained were eager to go abroad and practice.

The 58 doctors, who had received provisional employment in the UK, were stopped by the Nigeria Immigration Service at the Murtala Muhammed International Airport, Lagos, last week because they did not have visas.

Ehanire said, “I think we are one of the few countries giving hazard allowance. This UK where they are going, there is no hazard allowance, they don’t give doctors hazard allowance but you just get you salary, that is all because I have spoken to the doctors there.

“They say it is part of your job and that is what you are trained for. They don’t pay you anything but here apart from your salary we try to add something to it with the hope that you will stay. We also appeal to state governments to prioritize employment of doctors some of whom have not been employed.”

The minister said he was also informed that doctors were migrating from the UK hence it was not only a Nigerian challenge.

“Even in the UK they are losing doctors to other countries so they think there is a movement but I think we have to look at our own situation the best way we can,” he said.

The Lagos State Government is on a faceoff with Medical Doctors and have threatened to lay them all off. The Government has called for applications from willing Doctors to replace them which was the same process and mistake of the Babatunde Fashola misdeed Doctors told Patmos Media Line.


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