NIPOST creates new guidelines for courier services in the nation.

Courier services under the Nigerian Postal Services (NIPOST) have been divided into six categories to ease operations.

This was put into perspective as the new regulations that created six category of licensing ranging from International operators, Regional State, Municipal or Intra-city, and giving consideration for special Small & Medium Enterprises (SME) Licence.

The new Regulation that is a great improvement on the old one, is aimed to rejig the logistic and courier ecosystem of the economy and significantly improve efficiency, make courier and logistic operations more effective, in line with President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration policy on ease-of-doing business.

Erstwhile regulations largely focused on the big players in the Courier industry with no clear cut role and guidelines for the SMEs, particularly the upstarts thereby creating laxity that caused proliferation in the industry.

NIPOST explained in the Regulations that the categorization is to enable the licensees to operate at their levels per time and scope, stating that the new regulations will assist SMEs to grow and create youth empowerment that will translate into employment opportunities for Nigerians.

The new guideline has made it possible for every operator irrespective of their category to be identified with specific address and location that is traceable to before and after engaging their services. This will eliminate the risk posed by dubious operators who may take advantage of poor control to operate illegally.

The categorization creates room for migration as a licensee has rights to migrate from a particular licence category to another, but must do so in compliance with Section 3(4) of these regulations as it pertain to the desired licence category before expiry date of the subsisting licence.

To maintain diligence, trustworthiness, the Regulations maintain among other things that an operator will be required to display in their offices list of prohibited and restricted courier and logistic items, to guide their customers.

Minister of Communications and digital economy, Dr. Isa Ali Ibrahim (Pantami) has approved new Guidelines for COURIER AND LOGISTICS OPERATIONS 2020 in line with Section 62 of NIPOST Act, Cap N127, LFN 2004.

The guidelines replace the former Regulation which has been in existence since 2001.

Dr. Isa Ali Ibrahim Pantami stated in the letter of approval that the new Regulations will no doubt enhance the regulatory powers of NIPOST in this subsector of the economy.


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