Ogun State demand 25,000 Naira payments from students for Covid-19 tests – Parents kick.

Despite repeated announcements by the Federal Government and Lagos State that tests for Covid-19 is free, the Ogun State Government has directed that all returning students must pay N25,000 for the test before resumption on Monday, August 3 but parents are in strong objection.

The state government had said no boarding school pupil would be allowed to resume without a valid negative COVID-19 test certificate.

The government also asked the parents to take their wards to designated places for the test between Friday and Monday.

Many of the parents, who took their demonstrations to the streets on Sunday thronged the MTR 250 bed specialist hospital, Oke-Mosan, Abeokuta, the designated place for the pupils in Abeokuta and faulted the decision of the government to ask them to pay N25,000 on each pupil before they could be allowed to resume.

It was gathered that attempts by the parents to get their children tested for free failed as they were asked to pay N25,000 on each child which resulted in many parents being locked out of the facility.

The parents complained that the economic reality in the country has made it difficult to pay such an amount of money and further lamented that the payment of N25,000 for COVID-19 test shows the government cared less about its citizens.

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