Poultry Farmers increase prices of egg marginally.

The Poultry Association of Nigeria (PAN), Ogun State chapter, has put together recommendations for a new pricing regime to ensure commensurate returns on their investments.

The chapter said it had become necessary, "In our effort to ensure our farmers are being guided on efficient cost management and product pricing."

In a circular dated June 14, 2021, and signed by the state's PAN General Secretary, the association said it arrived at the decision following "analysis of regional\Ogun State average raw materials and finished feeds pricing with benchmarking against industry standard returns (adjusted for present global and local circumstances)."

The association made the following recommendations to its members:

Table egg: Jumbo (N1,600 and above per crate); large (N1,500 and above); medium - ungraded regular size - (N1,400 to N1,500); small (N1,300 and above); and pullet (N1,200 and above).

Broiler meat: Life weight (N900 to N1,000 per 1kg); and dressed (N1,450 to N1,550.

The association, however, advised that being a free market, every farmer reserved the right to decide their prices.

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