Promo for Premature Ejaculation part 3.

Interacting with our Bedroom Instructor is getting more interesting especially with the ejaculation issue. See this opener she sent:

In the last two weeks, we have dwelt extensively on the subject of premature ejaculation. Initially, I was sure that this was a subject that we could deal with within three weeks. But I have since realized that we are going to need an additional week to wrap things up. I planned to spend the first and the second instalments on the definitions and causes of premature ejaculation, and then spend the last week on the available solutions. But given the several hearts rending letters (and I can tell you that some of these letters bring tears to my eyes) that we have received from men who are victims of premature ejaculation; I have decided that my article on its solutions should be as extensive as possible. These solutions involve a series of steps, which have to be well understood. As a result, this series won't be ending this week. It shall end next week.

Join Funmi Akingbade on Saturday for Ejaculation part 3.

We have received enquiries from some churches in Nigeria asking if Funmi could take their church on selected topics. Yes it can be arranged through zoom. I once attended a zoom meeting with a Redeemed Church in Canada some two months ago. So it could be arranged. It is better you arrange with her directly but if you have challenges call Rev. Eniola Olatunji as a Church on 08033114776.

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