Social Protection Consultation Goes to States, Records Successes.

Following the commencement in late 2019, of the two year UN joint programme on “Institutionalizing social protection for Accelerated SDG Implementation in Nigeria”, the project being implemented by UNICEF, UNDP, WFP and ILO, has focused on strengthening social protection at both the federal and State level in Nigeria. While the Social Protection System has improved at the Federal level with a reinforced legal framework and a financial mechanism integrated in the national budget and planning efforts, efforts are also on-going at the sub-national level. Already, the National Social Protection Policy (NSPP) is operationalized in Sokoto State and this has ensured gender-sensitive social development with reduction in poverty and improvement in Nutrition, Education and Health for women and children. UNDP as one of the Participating UN Agencies (PUNO) has concluded consultations across the six geopolitical zones of Nigeria, covering all the 36 states and FCT between December 2020 and March 2021. The most recent and final consultation was carried out in April 2021 in Lagos for the South-Western states. Some of the success stories from the consultations include: Oyo State, the following Innovative Financing for Social Protection Programme were achieved: Strengthening of Private Sector Participation in implementing Social Protection; Tourism taxation to finance social protection programmes; Strengthening multi-stakeholders’ participation in the design and implementation of social protection programmes; Exploration of more support from development partners, better coordination of projects and programmes related to social protection as well as open Government initiative for transparency and all-inclusiveness. Other Innovative ideas and quick-win approaches for Social Protection included alternative project financing. Success story In Ogun State include: the Ministry of Budget will now provide the leadership for the inauguration and establishment of the State Technical Working Committee (STWC) on Social Protection; Develop and share with other sister states on ways to develop the State Social Protection Law /Policy; In-crease State Government’s investment in Social Protection through the sectorial drive vis a vis the Social Welfare and Well-being agenda of the present administration; and Capacity development and waivers for SMEs that engage in businesses with the State concerning procurement requirements. Others include opportunities anchored on Agriculture such as Ogun Broilers project, FADAMA Guys. To date, Ogun state has over 20,000 beneficiaries of the various schemes while over 70,000 farmers have been registered for different commodity value-chains. Collaboration with the National government, Donor Agencies/partners in respect of capacity development and development of social protection law for the State. Kaduna State is one of the states that have prioritized social protection implementation with innovative financing strategy of a mini-mum of 1% of the state consolidated revenue allocated for Social Protection yearly. Sokoto State is a model state in social protection implementation. They have two strategic structures guiding the implementation of social protection which includes; Sokoto State Operation Coordinating Unit (SOCU) and Sokoto State Contributory Healthcare Management Agency (SOCHEMA). These social protection structures has distinguished the state as a blueprint for Social Protection financing and implementation. Delta State is one of the states that have prioritized social protection implementation with proven innovative financing model. The state has developed Social protection policy which is majorly financed from the state annual budget. Yobe State has also well-developed social protection structures like the Yobe State Economic Reform Agenda (YOSERA), which is a 4-year state development Plan and Zakat fund Commission which is domesticated at the emirate councils. These structures have made the state social protection implementation very successful. Zamfara State is another state that has a well-structured social protection implementation strategy. They has 0.2% of its annual consolidated revenue for Zakat which is as an agency

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