We mourn you, Your Excellency J.J Rawlings

We mourn you

As a country, we mourn you

The Federal Republic of Nigeria mourns you

You will be greatly missed

You lived, the course of Ghana and Nigeria to advance

A patriotic Ghanaian, you lived

Your country greatly to impact

A true Pan Africanist, last breath you drew,

A legacy to bequeath

Memory won’t fail us, J.J Rawlings

Never will it fail us

For the rare gem you were

Ghana, Nigeria, Africa, the World won’t forget.

Memory will never fail.

A hero you lived, Your Excellency

A hero, your sword you laid down

Leaving a Vacuum

Hearts bleed wishing t’was a dream

Alas, its Adieu!

Adieu! Adieu!! Adieu!!!

Noble Knight of Ghana

Whose glittering armor, Africa’s pride, reflected the World across

J.J Rawlings has taken the bow

The sun has set on the heart of gold.

Esther Pens

This poem was sent to Patmos Media Line from Accra, Ghana.

It is written by a Nigerian lady resident in Ghana to honour Jerry John Rawlings, the man they call ‘Junior Jesus’ in Ghana.

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