Dear friends, at the cross over service of December 31, 2019 there were some prophetic releases that baffles till now. They were revelations God gave me.

1. There shall be many troubles but my own shall shout Hallelujah. Please note that it is not “shall sing Hallelujah” there is a remarkable difference between shout and sing. Sing here is a higher level to shout. Also note that God did not tell me there will be Coronavirus. He said there shall be many troubles. Friends, there has been many troubles.

Eniola Olatunji.

2. God told me to be strong as news that will shake me will come in streams. Yes, they came. In my several decades of sojourn, never have I received terrible news in a single year that made tears to flow. I did not weep when biological father died in 2015. Pastors do not weep. I lost several people who touched me. There was the chief of my area who when he died I pissed on myself in the toilet. A young vibrant man who was my son in the Lord. He was always coming like a ruler in the night to let us pray that the troubles would not come upon us. I confess now that I caught it in the spirit the day he was taken to the second hospital that he would die. As a priest, I knew he died that day so when my wife insisted we should travel to visit him in hospital, I was reluctant. Prophets do not reveal every revelation they have. Yet I pissed in my trouser when he died.

Then my mentor died. I almost lost the faith. We were praying for him while he was sick and God was quiet in talking to me about him. Suddenly information refused to come to me about him. I heard of his death a day after he died and the first thing was intense anger towards all that related to him and knew me. Why did they black me out? Gosh! He was perhaps the closest Minister of God to me. He refused to let me call him father in the Lord. From the day he asked me to minister to him in words in 1996 (I was shocked) he called me his Barnabas and I call him my Paul. Why did he warn me not to let anybody know this? God bless his seeds forever.

For your knowledge, I shared with him - THE THREE ESSENTIAL PEOPLE IN THE LIFE OF A CHRISTIAN. Your Paul is your mentor who guides you. You respect and submit to him. He disciples you in a personal relationship like Paul and Timothy. Pauls are difficult to reach. You have to get closer to get impartation from them. They appreciate faithfulness.

Your Barnabas is second. He is your mate by age or in Ministry. You share very private information some of which you cannot tell your Paul or spouse. You are always connected anyhow at any time. You have codes of communication. (Smiles). You are like Siamese twins – inseperable.

The third is your Timothy. Someone you impact life both spiritually and physical to. You guide him spiritually and mentally. Pauls are knowledgeable and are good teachers, so you tap from their resources. There is top down communication here based on monitored instructions. A Paul hardly visit a Timothy but when he does, you can get what you need in ten years in ten hours and a blessing is forever. When around, the Timothy keeps asking his Paul questions like a child. Elijah and Elisha kind of relationship. Elisha was very rich, involved in agricultural mechanization at the time but he was putting water for Elijah to wash his hands. No wonder he got the mantle.

3. God said there will be protests in Nigeria starting from around August. God said the protests will be as a result of wrong policies of Government. God said there is an obvious hidden agenda that He Himself will frustrate and destroy all involved. No further comment here please I said I had divine instruction not to reveal all. Then I said the protest will affect the health of Mr. President adversely and his handlers will seek to hide it. I urged that we pray it will not end in disaster for rulers.

At that time, I said there will be deaths over the protests and some prominent Nigerians will be killed. I said I saw blood. I only described two of the prominent people who have age on their side. (That has not happened). I said the world will turn against Nigeria and the Abacha era will be a child’s play because Nigeria would be running a divine script of rearrangement. Remember Daddy G. O. already said may terrorists and wicked people shall not move with us into 2021. Nigerians will be terribly surprised and frightened at the spate of death because Angels will be on assignment. I care less if you believe this.

The protests. Yes it started from the North. Now I speak as a man. No matter the coloration and effort it shall be awesome. The killings in the North shall increase and the Northern version of the protests will make every other protest in Africa look small. The late Aminu Kano once said ONE DAY, THE TALAKAWAS SHALL RISE AND THE RICH WILL TRY TO HIDE BUT WILL BE CONSUMED. The late political sage Jeremiah Obafemi Awolowo said when the Maroko and Ajegunle people shall combine to fight the Ikoyi people there shall be disaster. He also warned that the children of the poor who you do not train today will destroy the nation tomorrow. Very deep words.

4. The present President was next. I said history will repeat itself for the fifth columnist shall consume him as in the first outing. The man is an old man he should do a personal retreat on this and watch his back. Do I need to tell you what happened to him and those who kicked him out? His unforgiving spirit shall work against him no matter your prayers. It is a spiritual principle. He has to publicly declare he has forgiven his foes.

I have asked God about him. He has many servants of God as associates and I wonder whether those ones including our dear Archbishop of Canterbury and his Nigerian Pentecostal paddy, Tunde Bakare have become Elis. The Bible said there was no word of God to the high priest of Israel. I pray for these men, myself, you and others that the heaven above us be opened unto us. That Jehovah will speak to us mouth by mouth as He spoke with Moses and that we would see by the seven eyes of the Lamb. I pray for boldness unto us to speak out, loud and clear. Can I hear a thunderous AMEN!!! There?

Again I speak as a man. Is there a pact between him a Jagaban on ruling Nigeria? Just like IBB, Abacha and the other guy? Are there people who want Jagaban out of the deal? Please let me say as a prophet that Jagaban and Atiku will never ever rule this country even on interim basis. Good. How come Jagaban was set up against his people in the protest things? Was there a request for Jagaban to stop the protest by any means and he refused? How come it was his media houses that were topmost on the list of destruction?

Can two walk together except they agree? Even their fragile agreement shall not hold. Spoilers are on the prowl.

As I write this, I see many people around him hounded into jail.

I want to refrain from comments on governance. Governance is laughable with the Senators and Reps allowances and where there is impunity. There are differential laws and Justices for different Nigerians and Lawyers know it. Same cases or situations but different treatment in Nigeria. Can we leave politics to politicians?

5. There is a tribe that wants to force itself on Nigeria. They flow from beyond. God will disturb them. They shall utterly fail. Their remnants will hiss and shake their heads for them. They shall become a pained generation.

6. A new thing is coming. A new resetting will take place. It is here. It has come. Look unto the fields and see. The lions and the chicken shall live in peace.

7. Thank you for reading. If there are places you disagree with no problem. Let God be God. He can never lie or deceive like man. But dear friend, what have you learnt from reading this? What role do you think you have to play in the matter of Nigeria? Send this to someone. Pray with someone on what occurs or ministers to you.

8. May the God of Jacob bless you from on high. May you obtain mercy before Jehovah. Our land is blessed. Our people are blessed. God bless you.

My name is Eniola Joseph Olukayode OLATUNJI. (Rev.) 25th October 2020.

I pastor a church called Divine Vessels Assembly.

I have been operating as a Journalist with grace in Publishing, Broadcasting and Print Journalism for 43 years. I run an online news media called Patmos Media Line.

Kindly note that the introduction is a mere formality what is important is the content of this message. Please share.

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