UN intervention: Nigerian Government gets 9.9m Norwegian kroner to manage Covid-19.

The Covid-19 purse of the Nigerian Government has swelled with a donation of NOK 9,900,000 in support of the Nigerian Government by the Norwegian Government.

A statement by the United Nations Office signed by the Head of Communications and Partnerships, UNDP Nigeria, Ngele Ali expressed the believe that the added resources will bolster support to the Nigeria COVID-19 Multi-Sectoral Pandemic Response Plan and help the Government to sustain its efforts in addressing critical issues of the on-going pandemic.

“Global solidarity is our only option”, says Norwegian Ambassador to Nigeria, Jens-Petter Kjemprud. He added that, “The coronavirus pandemic requires that we join forces for urgent action and coordinated efforts to mitigate its short- and long-term effects. Through the UN Basket Fund, Norway is partnering with Nigeria in this time of crisis to address the multifaceted nature of the pandemic and its unprecedented implications on the healthcare system, as well as the socio-economic impacts.”

The Nigeria One UN COVID-19 response reflects the United Nations in Nigeria’s support to an inclusive and nationally owned COVID-19 response through a shared vision and a common strategy. Its purpose is to coordinate and align UN’s efforts and leverage partnerships with the government, development partners, foundations, CSOs and the private sector to increase the availability, accessibility, affordability, adaptability and acceptability of COVID-19 response services in Nigeria.

“The unfolding COVID-19 pandemic calls for global solidarity in time of crisis. The UN appreciates the financial contribution from the Government of Norway to the Nigeria One UN COVID-19 response which will support efforts aimed not only at scaling up the COVID-19 health response, but to support the Government of Nigeria’s socio-economic interventions for vulnerable populations, including water, sanitation, hygiene and interventions to address food insecurity.” noted, Edward Kallon, UN Resident Coordinator and Humanitarian Coordinator in Nigeria.

The One UN COVID-19 Basket Fund managed by UNDP aims to further strengthen Nigeria’s response and the management of the crisis, through socio-economic analytics, and proactive early recovery and social protection interventions, targeting the poorest and most vulnerable groups.

As of June 2020, the Project Board had allocated US$ 42,767,450.16 for response interventions to be undertaken by Participating UN Organizations (PUNOs) covering the following areas: Risk Communication and Community Engagement (RCCE); Strengthening State level Operational Capacity in Surveillance, Infection Prevention, and Control; Building Capacity of Healthcare Workers in Case Management and strengthening hospital capacities to respond; and, engagement with Civil Society Organisations to reverse the negative impact of COVID-19 on equal access to essential health services.

On 6 April 2020, the UN in collaboration with the Government of Nigeria launched the One UN COVID-19 Response Basket Fund. The Basket Fund serves as the One COVID-19 Financing and Investment Platform, through which different stakeholders (including UN, other multilateral and bilateral donors, as well as private sector donors, foundations and philanthropists) can channel their financial support to the multi-sectoral efforts of the Presidential Task Force on COVID-19 Response.

The overall management of the One UN COVID-19 Response Basket Fund is led and coordinated by the Project Board with representation from the Presidential Task Force; Federal Ministry of Health, Nigerian Centre for Disease Control (NCDC), relevant Government departments, fund contributing donors and the UN. The Project Board oversees the UN COVID-19 Response Basket Fund supported by a Technical Committee established to review project implementation tools.

As of June 2020, the One UN COVID-19 response Basket Fund, managed by UNDP had mobilised US$61.3 million, including US$54.6 million from the European Union (EU); US$2.2 million from UN agencies; $US4 million from the private sector (Dangote US$ 3.8 million and AP Maersk US$ 0.2 million); and US$0.4 million from the Government of Switzerland.

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