WONDERS! Fela’s son, Femi quits smoking weed.

Wonders again is coming from the clan of the evergreen Afrobeat King, Fela Anikulapo-Kuti as his son, Femi said on Sunday that he has quit smoking weed, a Nigerian name for Indian Hemp for which his father was known for as the Chief Priest.

Femi who is his eldest son and who was withdrawn from a conventional school because Fela said Teacher was teaching his son nonsense, on Sunday explained to a Twitter user why he stopped smoking.

His statement came shortly after the Twitter user named Collins Ubogu knocked him for speaking on the #EndSARS protest.

Femi had written: “To put as short as possible-#EndSARS peaceful protest started, police attacked & failed, thugs sent & failed demands of the protest grew larger #EndBadGovernanceinNIGERIA, soldiers sent to shoot.

“Palliatives meant for the people found. All hell breaks out. Govt failed its people.”

Mr. Ubogu who was not in support of what Femi wrote replied, “Stop smoking weed your father is more knowledgeable than these.”

Femi replied by tweeting: ”I don’t smoke…”

Another Twitter user simply named Olu replied Femi’s tweet saying his brother, Seun Kuti who smokes would not like what he said.

Seun is the son of one of Fela’s dancers from where Fela officially married a load of them in one day.

Femi answered saying, “Why not? I have nothing against smokers. I smoked b4, I just prefer to live my life smoke free like this.”

Fela his father had allegedly requested that when he dies he should be buried with a big long roll of Igbo (weed) and his request was honored.

At his burial, his admirers called on the ploice who consistently arrested Fela for the classical venture of smoking weed in public to come and arrest Fela’s dead body as they believe Fela had his palliative to take on his journey beyond.

But now, his son who narrowly missed Grammy awards for music said “I don’t smoke” which could be a shocker to many regulars to the African Shrine where they hold shows every weekend before the lock down.

French President Macron who once served at the French Embassy in Lagos expressed his admiration for the lifestyle of Fela and his teeming followers and visited sitting for a show at the shrine.

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